24 June 2021

My Journey, My Vision, My Passion

When I started exploring my freelance career I started working with a photographer through a colleague of mine.  This photo was my audition makeup look for BekahImagery.  A carbon black but romantic smokey eye.  


The most nervous I had been in a long time in my career as I wanted badly to branch out and this photographer is amazing and had the market for senior photoshoots.  I not only made this look happen but it was done as I pictured it in my mind.  The makeup and photos came out like I had only seen my work for the very first time.  Crisp, clean, sultry and full of power.  Romantic attitude was made for Liz (model).


Doing makeup for me is more than just a face and some colors.  Doing makeup is a mood, it's a personality, it's a lifestyle.  I can get lost in the details of this makeup look.  


My audition has given me almost 5 years working with BekahImagery and I continue to work with her creating the looks that makes visions come to life.


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